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Working visit to Canada


Unifor Energy Council was held in Fort McMurray (Alberta, Canada) June 17-18, 2019 in which the ROGWU delegation took part.

ROGWU President Aleksandr Korchagin, welcoming Canadian colleagues, informed about the history and present activities of the Oil and Gas Construction Trade Union of Russia.

And the members of the delegation from Interregional Trade Union Organization ‘TATNEFT’ prepared a video presentation on the activities of the Company which aroused genuine interest among foreign colleagues.

Aleksandr Korchagin also held talks with the leadership of the UNIFOR headed by the trade union president Jerry Dias, on topical issues for both parties, such as protecting the rights and interests of people working and living in the northern regions of Canada and Russia, HSE issues, gender policy and professional standards, the organization of work on a rotational basis and other important questions. Also, trade union leaders tentatively outlined a possible re-meeting in the second half of 2019 and considered the potential possibility of signing an agreement between the trade unions.

As part of the visit to Canada, a working visit to the Suncor Base Plant was organized, during which representatives of the ROGWU learnt the protection of labor rights and interests of workers by the UNIFOR Canadian trade union, and had a chance to talk directly with the workers of the Plant.

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